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TED Found in Translation Sessions: Erik Hersman

Erik Hersman nurtures the creativity springing from the African tech community, and helps spread its innovations throughout the world.

As he says: "The constant bridging of worlds (African and American) started at such a young age that it has become embedded in my character. I find it easy to switch between cultures and enjoy friends and associates on either side of the ocean."

On the TEDGlobal 2013 stage, Erik Hersman and Alan Hong led the Session, ‘Forces of Change’ that showcased how Africa, Asia and the Middle East are leading a lot of innovation that will positively impact global endemic issues.

In the TED Found in Translation Session following his talk, Erik and a global panel of TED Translators dig deeper into the advancements of innovation in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Watch the session now and then continue the conversation on TED Conversations.

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