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TEDxCity2.0 isn't just about holding an event, it's about igniting your local community around what's going on in their city. By "taking action" at your TEDxCity2.0 event, you bring ideas off the stage and into the world.

Take Action

We encourage you to "take action" in one of two ways at your TEDxCity2.0 event:

  1. By answering a call to action from the TEDCity2.0 stage and customizing it for your local community


  2. Coming up with a spirited day of action that your TEDx community believes impacts your city

We've created a TEDxCity2.0 Action Toolkit that details how you can take action. Take a look at the TEDxCity2.0 Action Toolkit.

Whatever you choose to do, please document your action so that we can celebrate and learn from one another!

Share your inspiring TEDxCity2.0 action stories via Twitter, Vine, Facebook, and Instagram with the hashtag #TEDCityAct. You can submit action updates to city2@ted.com or share your stories on the City2.0 site.

Brand Your Event

We've created a TEDx City2.0 Design Manual to help you design your event materials. It's packed with great ideas and step-by-step instructions to help you create a logo and poster design using the TEDx colors and typography.

When you're finished, send your designs to tedx@ted.com. We'd love to see what you come up with!