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Kohl's Cares

For the “Lessons Worth Sharing” program, Kohl’s Cares and TED-Ed partnered to produce a series of animated online videos featuring lessons from beloved educators around the country. Kohl’s invited their millions of Facebook fans to nominate their favorite teacher, and TED-Ed animated the 18 most exceptional lessons. Packed into 5 minutes or less, these lessons vary from the history of English drama to the physics behind superpowers. We are excited to share these powerful (and really fun!) lessons with our community. Check back for more Lessons Worth Sharing Winners videos to come!

Lessons Worth Sharing: "If Superpowers were Real..."

In this six part series, Texan educator, Joy Lin, explores the science and logical fallacies inherent to six highly desired superpowers — super speed, super strength, invisibility, body mass, immortality and flight. The dynamic voice performing each lesson is esteemed voice-over actor, James Arnold Taylor. Taylor is also the voice behind Fred Flintstone, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Leonardo, and countless other extraordinary, animated characters.

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