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Here are some of the comments we’ve received from those who attended TED2006.

"What a great week! Al and I haven’t stopped talking about it. Congrats to your whole team."
-- Josh Cherwin, aide to Al Gore

"Well for a virgin Tedster ... .it was *&%$ING UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! I can’t tell you how much I got out of it. Of course I’m brain dead now but whoaaaaa ... and you did more for global warming than you can imagine!!! I have spoken to over a hundred people of importance that are coming on board to get the word out on our movie. Thanks again."
-- Lawrence Bender, movie producer

(Audio Message) “I hope you’re as proud as you should be of this forum and this family that you’ve really nurtured. I came to the TED conference with the idea that I wanted to serve a really unique audience in an impactful way; but honestly I gained more than I could ever imagine personally from my attendance. I met so many people ... just phenomenal human beings who had a true social or contribution focus. I developed a lot of friends out of the group and learned an enormous amount ... ”
-- Tony Robbins

"TED moments have been echoing in my brain ever since I left Monterey. A wonderful experience."
-- Dan Dennett, Philosopher

"Thank you very very much for inviting me to TED, for convincing me to come(!) and for creating what truly was a very special experience for me. Thanks also to your remarkable staff who were impressively efficient and lovely to deal with. BRAVO. You are doing a genuinely remarkable thing."
-- Helen Fisher, Anthropologist

"Thanks ... for an incredibly invigorating program. That was a damn fine four days. Maybe TED is the new LSD for the percolating adult mind: free-flowing, yet providing connections, opening the brain to new ideas while allowing it to freshly absorb ancient thoughts."
-- James Daly, Edutopia Magazine

"I’m sure you’ve already heard this too many times but this year’s TED really changed my life in so many dimensions."
-- John Maeda, MIT Media Lab

"Thank you for the invitation to speak at TED 2006. It was truly an amazing experience."
-- Joshua Prince-Ramus, Architect

"What an amazing opportunity you gave me; I won’t waste it."
-- Majora Carter, Sustainable South Bronx

"I was a bit allergic to the bubble-era TED scene, and was struck on this trip by how passionate and personally committed so much of what was presented and informally discussed was. I met all sorts of old and new friends there."
-- Neil Gershenfeld, MIT

"Thanks for a great TED. I’m a believer. You’ll see me back again and again."
-- Peter Diamandis, Zero Gravity / X-Prize

"I really enjoyed the whole experience. As you know, I’m very impressed by what you’ve done with TED. It’s an extremely influential collection of people, and you’re expanding their consciousness in the right direction. Good for you, good for them, and good for the world."
-- Robert Wright, Author

"This year’s TED was probably THE best I have attended in over 10 years! I was truly inspired by so many of the speakers. There seemed to be a spontaneous combustion of concurrent themes that helped unite audience and speakers in a sense of common interest and passion."
-- Roger Mandle, Rhode Island School of Design

"Best TED ever ... in my opinion. Al Gore and Larry Brilliant and Google gave the whole event exceptional cogency. The selection and arranging of speakers was excellent. The whole thing had traction."
-- Stewart Brand, The Long Now Foundation

"Many congratulations on a truly great event. ... genuinely inspired and inspiring. Thanks for the chance to contribute to an exceptional event."
-- Sir Ken Robinson, J. Paul Getty Trust

"Let me repeat what I said on Friday: I thought the conference was fabulous. Truly fabulous."
-- Roger McNamee, Elevation Partners

"Your conference has already influenced my engagement with the world — had a radio interview Sat night where I ended up devoting a more significant time to global warming than I had anticipated."
-- Lisa Randall, Physicist

"Chris, I had a wonderful time ... thank you so much. It really is a magical event."
-- Arianna Huffington, Columnist and Author

"WOW!! What a remarkable experience it was to speak at TED. I just wish I had attended before ... "
-- Alan Russell, McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine

"One more round of enormous applause for having put on such a breathtaking fiesta of mind, body and soul. It was a tremendous four days."
-- Lise Buyer, Google

"All I can say is WOW! That was really great. I was truly amazed by this year’s conference. It really feels like a community is coming together."
-- Michael Montes, Sacred Noise

"I feel as if my emotional bank account is filled up. For me it’s like three days of theater in NYC. It fills a yearning inside of my soul and gives me the means to go forward in life."
-- Michelle Kraus, Technology and Politics

"It was the most AMAZING experience. I’m still on a high from the whole event, and feel very fortunate to have attended. Made many new friends and connections in diverse fields."
-- Daniel Kraft, Stanford Medical School

"It’s after two in the am and I’m too energized to sleep. Just soaring from the last few days which were just so absolutely packed with astonishing people, brilliant ideas and powerful emotions. The interaction was overflowing with energy and purpose. Couldn’t help but feel that we were at a very significant place and time. Your alchemy was off the charts this time in your mix of talent, juxtaposition of ideas, pacing and build. Congratulations to you and your ridiculously talented team. This was a TED with long legs — I just hope it winds down soon in my mind so I can sleep."
-- Mike Singer, Strategic Partners, Inc.

"My goal for TED2007 — Tedthadone. A substance to slowly and painlessly return me to reality."
-- Karl Shaffer, MVP Collaborative

"The friend I brought from the UK (a TED virgin) described TED as: 'complete immersion in an extraordinary intellectual candy store.' So true."
-- Laurie Yoler, Tesla Motors

"This was my first TED conference, and it was absolutely amazing. You, along with the entire TED community, have impacted the way that I think about the way I will make important decisions. I hope to have the privilege to attend future conferences. I plan to get involved in a couple of the programs."
-- Mike Walsh, Leverage Software

"Last week was historic, seismic and enchanting. Bravo."
-- Peterson Conway, Conway of Asia

"TED was such an amazing experience. The environment you have created for bringing ideas, talent and resources together for our common good is wonderful and powerful."
-- Phil Borges, Photographer

"A day to decompress and months to have it all sink in. Congratulations on what I think was the best TED ever. The sessions flowed smooth, the atmosphere was great and the overall vibe was really something special."
-- Richard Kerris, Apple

"I traveled from England as a TED virgin and I must say it was the most outstanding experience in my life. Thank you & your team for organizing such a WOW event. ... to hell with the expense it’s really worth it."
-- Richard Wallis, Sandwich Technology School

"Well ... I’m no longer a virgin ... and I must say TED was about as good as ... well, you get the picture. What an extraordinary event, life-changing in many ways. I made an incredible business connection that may launch a new venture, so thank you so much for providing the forum."
-- Linda Avey, Affymetrix

"It was an altogether optimistic experience. Major kudos. What I found especially fresh is your willingness to entertain divergent points of view, honestly. Discussion leads to tolerance."
-- Rob Forbes, Design Within Reach

"My mind is still spinning. An incredibly stimulating conference, the best I’ve ever attended. I greatly appreciate both the creativity and care with which you all put it together."
-- Robert Hollister, Tufts University

"Congrats on an absolutely superb and sublime and totally inspiring TED. It is brilliant — and a true tribute that you’ve also already essentially sold out 2007."
-- Samuel Perry, Stanford University

"Of the 8 TEDS I’ve been to, definitely the best. You’re doing really important work. Congratulations."
-- Steve Glenn, LivingHomes

"Awesome TED! Coherent in a new set of ways. And it was so consistently good that it was hard to see the wild swings of greatness against a backdrop of greatness ... . Best architecture talk I have ever seen at TED."
-- Steve Jurvetson, Draper, Fisher, Jurvetson

"So, I’ve been thinking a lot about TED. It’s had a pretty intense impact ..with a number of surprises I wasn’t expecting. I found some of the performance moments extremely moving. The unspoken thesis of war and peace hung in the air. For me, the contrast was best engaged on Friday night. Jim Crupi stood on the stage and told me — and a thousand other people — that we are all warriors and we are all at war. Then, just 40 minutes later — Sirena Huang played her violin. The contrast of beauty and warfare was galvanizing — and her extraordinary poise and ability to both share her story and hold the audience in the palm of her hand was unforgettable. While that moment is etched in my brain, it’s not alone. Robert Wright was mind expanding. Cameron Sinclair inspirational. Hans Rosling engrossing. Alan Russell’s talk both elegant and awe-inspiring. Larry Brilliant lived up to his name. Looking back, I can’t imagine being anywhere else on the planet for those four days."
-- Steve Rosenbaum, Magnify Media

"Sadly I did not have an opportunity to thank you in person for an absolutely extraordinary and transformative four days. Losing my virginity was a big decision, but what a way to go."
-- Cheryl Heller, Heller CD

"What a conference! My whole being feels elevated from the experience. TED confirms that the combination of an opposable thumb and neocortex is indeed viable. I’m still spinning from the whole event."
-- Tierney Thys, Sea Studios Foundation

"This was the best TED yet. The number of big ideas was amazing and incredibly energizing. I have never felt more optimistic despite the scale of some of the issues. The quality of speaking was higher than ever and I now believe you can have absolutely any one you want come and speak. At this point anybody who is reasonably informed would be foolish not to respond to an opportunity to get in front of this audience. I am very proud of what you have done and left Monterey on an incredible high."
-- Tim Brown, Ideo

"That was probably the most amazing TED ever, and that’s with the very high expectations I had!"
-- Bill Gross, Idealab

"Yesterday was possibly TED’s best day in the 6 years I’ve been coming. While the Warren/Dennett talks had some real chance to get out of control, I thought it gave a great window into two different world views and what it looks like to live them. I also felt the TED prizes were miles ahead of last year’s. While I had been skeptical of the whole TED prize thing since you launched it, I (and many others I talked to last night) were won over yesterday."
-- Chris Evans, The Deepwood Group

"As I sit here on the plane back to NY, I realize that my brain really hurts — thanks to you, it’s over-stuffed with so many new ideas, just-experienced wonders, and fresh challenges. I will never forget the high points of TED 2006 — a truly remarkable four days."
-- David Carey, Conde Nast Business Media

"What a fabulous conference. it was without question the all-time best."
-- Deborah Patton, VNU Business Media

"Absolutely unique experience and run beautifully..and I’m always skeptical about these things and fully appreciative of the complexity, having run executive programs at Harvard for years, so JOB WELL DONE."
-- Diana Barrett, The Fledgling Fund

"Am I the millionth person to congratulate ALL of you for the best TED ever? How will you ever top 2006?"
-- DK Holland

"When we got home from TED ... anticipating the impending post-TED crash ... we gave our just-3-year-old daughter, Netanya, the piece of crushable EL that was in the surprise envelope from Inventables ... she looked at it and very casually said ... “is that for seatbelts, Mama?” The TED moment was back ... filled with joy and wonder ... After TED 2005, I couldn’t fathom topping the feeling my husband and I came away with. But TED2006 was once again, provocative, and truly inspirational. Thank you, and to your incredible staff, for another 4 days of pure magic."
-- Elizabeth Finger, Elizabeth Finger Design

"Thank you thank you thank you. Wow. I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful, exciting, and inspiring the last few days have been. I loved it TED last year, but now, I think I am officially addicted to it. That was amazing."
-- Eva Vertes, Student Researcher

"This was my first TED. My job by the nature of the clientel we service demands that I am tuned into the smallest of details. Hence I am forever critical of most everything around me. I have to say,Ted blew me away!"
-- Ignaz Gorischek, Neiman Marcus

"There’s a TED high that’s tough to explain to those who didn’t share the experience. It’s unparalled. Thanks and congratulations."
-- Jack Myers, Jack Myers Report

"A quick note of thanks for yet another wondrous TED experience. Now back in Atlanta, my head and heart are full of memories, incites, questions, concerns and hopes. I am at once exhausted and regenerated."
-- Jeff Levy, PurDigital Media

"Didn’t get a chance to chat during the event, but many thanks for putting on such a great show again this year. It was really superb — and I’m struggling to get to grips with the mundane matters of everyday life again now — it feels like we were away for much longer than four days."
-- Jeremy Silver, Sibelius Software Ltd

"I’m certain I’m not the first person to say this, but — you knocked it out of the freakin’ park this year. Best TED I can remember."
-- Jim Young, Jambo Networks

"Congratulations on another terrific TED Conference. I always have high expectations, and each year the conference exceeds my expectations. This year, for me, was the best ever. The speakers, the “hall talk,” the personal conversations and the flow were all exceptional. I also felt that this year, more than ever before, the ideas from the individual speakers connected in a most remarkable way. I can’t wait for the DVDs of this year’s conference and for TED 2007."
-- James Young, Teleportec

"Darn. Your email starts it all over again. This past week was soo much that I really didn’t want to think for awhile. Don’t stop doing what you do best and congratulations to you, your team, the speakers and presenters for making “the best of the best” from all the years that I have attended."
-- Joan D. Libera, Libera Design

"Congratulations on a spectacular week. It was a blowout. ... insightful, stirring and powerful. I come away with a headful of inspiration, a notebook full of ideas and an invigorated, expanded network of likeminded folks. You have created something really unique."
-- Jon Callaghan, True Ventures

"Thanks ... for making a great thing, even better ... phenomenal job!"
-- Jon Kamen, @radical.media

"You have made TED a vehicle for so many positive, good things. For turning good into cool. You are changing the world."
-- Tom Hennes, Thinc Design

"I am:
* enlightened
* depressed
* energized
* informed
* humbled
* entertained
* frightened
* enriched
* connected
* completed
* torn apart
* satiated
* yet hungry for more
Thank you for your extraordinary contribution to this planet."
-- Tom Stat, IDEO

"The TED experience was uniquely inspiring. I was invigorated, uplifted and motivated to continue my research and development work. I am still walking on air. Thank you for everything."
-- Viktor Jovanovic, Kings College University

"It was an extraordinary experience for Sirena and me to attend TED. Everything was so wonderful--especially the impeccable organization and great depth in each of the talks. As Sirena described in her speech, she learned and encountered so much. It was also her first chance speaking in front of so many people, and it truly meant a lot for her to have been able to do this."
-- Wei-Kuang Huang, father of Sirena Huang, 11-year-old violinist

"Thank you thank you thank you! It was an amazing week."
-- Will Weisman, Maveron

Excerpts from press and blog coverage of TED2006

Tech gurus drum up ideas for a better world
Annual Technology Entertainment Design conference pushes leading thinkers, doers to solve big challenges
Tom Abate, San Francisco Chronicle, Sunday, February 26, 2006

Monterey -- Ending a long day of lectures here last Thursday, many of the world's leading technologists, financiers and scientists retreated to the shores of Monterey Bay and did the logical thing.

They formed a drum circle.

Seated in concentric circles of lawn chairs, they banged drums and bells, drowning out the barking seals swimming by. Standing by the fire at the center of the ring, the drum leader shouted to his well-heeled audience: "To have fun, you have to push the edge!"

TED 2006 - Days 3 & 4
Christopher Herot's Weblog, 07 March 2006

The program at TED has been likened to making a dinner of hors d'oeuvres or of being "brain candy" but I've always liked the way the format of the conference gave one a generous helping of topics for lively discussions at the longer-than-usual breaks.

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