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City 2.0

“I am the crucible of the future.
I am where humanity will either flourish or fade.
I am being built and rebuilt every day.
I am inevitable. But I am not yet determined.
I wish to be inclusive, innovative, healthy, soulful, thriving. But my potential can only be reached through you.

You can forge a new urban outlook. Begin by connecting. Imagine a platform that brings you together, locally and globally. Combine the reach of the cloud with the power of the crowd. Connect leaders, experts, companies, organizations and citizens. Share your tools, data, designs, successes, and ideas. Turn them into action.

Together you can:
Bridge the gap between poor and rich communities.
Spectacularly reduce your carbon footprint.
Make nature part of daily life.
Empower entrepreneurship.
Re-imagine education.
Nurture health.
I am the City 2.0. Dream me. Build me. Make me real.”


Create a platform to allow citizens anywhere to participate in the creation of the City 2.0. The platform will connect and empower individuals and communities around the world through editorial content, a shareable project database, tools for local engagement, and resources for executing ideas. The result will be an ever-expanding network of citizen-led, scalable experiments.


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Cities are enlivened by people, and people enable change. TheCity2.org is a gathering place for all urban denizens to share stories, videos, ideas and innovations related to urban transformation.TheCity2.org needs your story so we can learn from each other to make our urban spaces more vibrant, inclusive, and just. Submit a story or inspiration from your city at TheCity2.org »

On September 20, 2013, we’re launching TEDCity2.0, the first-ever TED event focused on the future of our cities. We'll be gathering urban innovators, stewards and builders for a daylong event with live speakers, conversations, and activities in New York City. TEDx organizers across the globe will join us in surfacing stories of urban ingenuity by hosting TEDxCity2.0 events and viewing parties in their communities.


  1. Share your urban inspirations and stories on the City 2.0 website.
  2. Host a TEDx viewing party or TEDxCity2.0 event with a curated lineup of local speakers. E-mail tedx@ted.com to apply for a TEDx license.
  3. Download the new City 2.0 book: City 2.0: The Habitat of the Future and How to Get There.