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The TED Prize works with individuals, organizations, and companies to think bigger, foster high-impact collaborations, and support inspiring ideas. Since the birth of the Prize nine years ago, TED prizewinning initiatives have raised 17 million dollars for ocean protection, helped over 650,000 children in LA schools eat healthier, and inspired over 100,000 people to engage in participatory art project portraits worldwide. Join us by participating in a wish and joining a global community of thinkers and doers who have helped our winners realize their dreams.


The City 2.0 website emerged from a groundbreaking idea, focused on sharing concepts, designs, and resources to ignite urban transformation worldwide. Learn more about the City 2.0 »

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JR wished to use art to turn the world “inside out” with a participatory global art project. Over 110,000 portraits have been pasted in 108 countries worldwide. Learn more about INSIDE OUT »

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Karen Armstrong launched the Charter for Compassion to restore the Golden Rule as the central global ethical doctrine. It has been translated into more than 30 languages and affirmed by over 90,000 people since its unveiling in 2009. Learn more about the Charter for Compassion »

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Jamie Oliver catalyzed a grassroots movement dedicated to empowering people to transform the way we feed our children and ourselves. Over 800,000 people have signed the global petition to support the Food Revolution. Learn more about Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution »

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Jill Tarter inspired Earthlings everywhere to join her search for life elsewhere by launching SETILive, a citizen science project with over 70,000 volunteers and collaborating with the Science Channel's "Are We Alone" month. Learn more about SETILive »

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