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The TED Prize is awarded annually to an exceptional individual who receives $1,000,000 and the TED community’s resources and expertise to spark global change.

The Prize begins with a big wish—a wish to inspire thinkers and doers across the globe. From Bono’s the ONE Campaign (’05 recipient) to Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (’10 recipient) and JR’s Inside Out Project (’11 recipient), the TED Prize has helped to combat poverty, take on religious intolerance, improve global health, tackle child obesity, advance education, and inspire art around the world.


We award TED Prize winners $1 million to inspire dreamers to think bigger about what's possible. The award offers support to build a project's core infrastructure quickly--so that others can add their own collaborative action.


Imagine an inspiring, high impact idea or dream that needs the support of a global community to become real. Our winner will have an ambitious wish -- and the vision, pragmatism and leadership to make it a reality.


Nomination happens two ways: Nominate yourself and make your wish. Or nominate someone else, and we'll ask them for their wish. The TED Prize committee will review all nominations and select the winner.
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