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Is the information revolution polarising western society?

It seems to me that as the young and the computer savvy get more and more information online, the mainstream media (commercial TV Newspapers) are becoming progressively more conservative and facile in their coverage of world events. I assume they consider a balanced point of view is no longer necessary. Perhaps progressive thinkers should make a point of watching conservative leaning news channels. They might be more balanced if they think their audience would like it.


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    Mar 15 2012: The definitions and ideas appliedto information
    and communication technologies and the modern media culture are
    examined in the beginning of this chapter. The characterizations
    of media culture are then explored from the perspective of young
    people, and the links between youth and ICT are investigated. The
    dominant cultural logic with regard to ICT is outlined, and different
    forms of the digital divide are presented. Some global aspects of ICT
    use among youth are reviewed, using both primary and secondary
    sources. New forms of youth socialization brought about by the
    emergence of ICT are examined, and the chapter concludes with a
    set of recommendations.

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