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Let's open source this conversation platform

I believe in the power of conversation. We need more conversation on the world, and why only use it here at ted.com. Lots of different portals on the internet would benefit from this great tool.
Forums on the internet are disorganized and conversations remain forever without taking any action.


Closing Statement from Juan Calderon

The conversation platform at TED has a strong respectful community that feeds and drives the conversations taking place. It also has a well designed 'tool' that makes conversations better than the typical forum. We need to have better conversations all around the Internet. The typical forums are not good for having a conversation. Having the tool open sourced would require that TED would not be affiliated with the tool, that is, since no one can tell what the tool would be used for. We can have both a big conversation at TED taking place, and small conversations around other places on the Internet. Opening the tool is possible, it has to not be affiliated with TED.

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    Mar 14 2012: Yes, do please go for it, Huan, and spread this great conversational format. I think TED has by far the best conversations I have found, mostly because of the diversity and intelligence and tolerance of the people in it, which is possible because of the format set up around conversations rather than around something the people themselves have in common. And TED is set up to ensure people stay on topic and get rewarded with Thumbs Up when hitting the mark (the Thumbs Up emails sort of make my day!). I like the TED format also because people can select the topic they want to converse upon rather than select the particular group and then select the topic in the group, as in LinkedIn. There is generally more passion in the TED conversations than in forums or blogs that are run continually by one person! TED is inclusive and fresh!

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