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"What is so special about human brain, as compared to other primates"?

I have been long researching on brain evolution, the organization and brain size, as well as their role in shaping today's human brain. However, as compared to other priamtes, I do not see what it is that makes the human brain so special!! Brain size wise, it apparently does not make us special: although humans do have the biggest sized brains amongst mammals, evidently it is not linked to their intelligence. What is it about the human brain that is so different and special???


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  • Mar 12 2012: Brain size is worth nothing. It is the actual function of the regions of the brain.
    • Mar 17 2012: Sorry to but into this discussion, but you mentioned fissures and folding in the human brain- - is it not possible that such folding and fissures create more surface area, and that surface area also places more portions of the brain tissue into proximity with other parts- - thereby allowing more neural connections to be made because of that proximity? Sometimes it is the simplest things that can have huge effects. Do you know of any research in this field?

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