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"What is so special about human brain, as compared to other primates"?

I have been long researching on brain evolution, the organization and brain size, as well as their role in shaping today's human brain. However, as compared to other priamtes, I do not see what it is that makes the human brain so special!! Brain size wise, it apparently does not make us special: although humans do have the biggest sized brains amongst mammals, evidently it is not linked to their intelligence. What is it about the human brain that is so different and special???


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  • Mar 13 2012: I absolutely agree with both the point made hereby. however, I am looking for the physiological significant differences between humans and other primates and how the development or organization of these make us special. it is rather surprising that all the aforementioned traits (sense of self, ability to perceive someone's state and emotions etc etc) are the result of complex procedures within the brain. each of these traits, correspond to specific procedures in specific parts of the brain. for example, the so called "Broca's area" is a region in the cerebral cortex, responsible for the production of language. The same region can be found in the brain of a rat or a monkey! however, monkeys and/or rats do not speak! Why?? This is the question I am trying to resolve. Is it because humans, as compared to other primates, have more stimuli available to them? If so, then, wasn't it humans that created these stimuli at the first place?

    Broca's area is just one example of the similarities between human and animal brains. In fact, if you compare the composition of a human brain and the composition of the brain of a rat they are made of the absolutely same components. the only difference between the human brain and that of the rat is that the latter lacks fissures and gyri as it is much smoother.

    And I come back to the same question, why can we speak (for example) and a rat can not? What is it about out brain that makes us superior?
    • Mar 13 2012: Look, it is the function of the human brain that truly makes it special. Compare the chemical layout of the human brain versus the chemical layout of an another animal's brain.

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