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"What is so special about human brain, as compared to other primates"?

I have been long researching on brain evolution, the organization and brain size, as well as their role in shaping today's human brain. However, as compared to other priamtes, I do not see what it is that makes the human brain so special!! Brain size wise, it apparently does not make us special: although humans do have the biggest sized brains amongst mammals, evidently it is not linked to their intelligence. What is it about the human brain that is so different and special???


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  • Mar 13 2012: As far as the genetic influences are concerned, the gene FOXP2 which is associated with speech and language has been apparent in out ancestors as well. how come chimpanzees-that did have the foxp2 (and so do we, humans) could not speak and we can? environment i dont think plays a specific role in brain evolution itself. it does play a significant role in education and our acquired knowledge, morals etc etc but the physical properties of these procedures and how such information gets processed remains the same-similar to other primates!.. ?
    • Mar 13 2012: The slight difference between man and ape makes such a difference that it could divide a nation. There are key genetic sequences that enable us to use language unlike primates. Education enables you to facilitate a language because you are not born with a language but the ability to learn a language.
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      Mar 14 2012: Actually, looking at the genetic makeup we are not much different from other mammals. What makes the difference is the gene expression. We all have a lot of genes that are not turned on, hence they are just there without doing anything.
      • Mar 15 2012: "Key" genetic sequences means the activated genes.

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