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I want to realize a big Ipad!

So I need from some Genius infos to have the possibility, the real possibility to control the ipad (not the contrary) from and external big touchscreen, either a lcd/led projector interfaced on a holoscreen, or on a usual touchscreen by HDMI
Let's go guys!!

  • Mar 13 2012: Hy Ken, I have seen, but what I need, actually, no one is doing, since the company that makes it wants a lot of money, but they sell a big touchscreen with a pc inside, and an ipad, I imagine that it is necessary to make some change to the connections of Ipad or also a program that let the pc to control the ipad as it was a slave, but need to know HOW TO DO to go on
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    Mar 13 2012: Ipads cool but i thought it could already connect by wi-fi and take over.

    Heres an alternative,i was looking at it before the ipad launched last week.
  • Mar 12 2012: It does exists a company, crunchy logistics but they ask for a lot of money! It is too much!!!!!