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Is it healthy psychologically to express ourselves emotionally over social media, e.g. in Facebook statuses?

There is sentiment that social media elements such as Facebook statuses are being used by people to get attention and to rant. As a society are we becoming addicted to expressing our smallest irritations over social media? Is it conditioning us into requiring social acknowledgement of our everyday issues? Does it give us a false sense of belonging when we share our feelings to a huge sense of 'friends'? Or are we becoming more emotionally intelligent through this expression? Does it depend on the person?


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    Mar 21 2012: I guess a big chunk of our humanity includes both emotions and expression. Emotions call for expression. Social media has been a great platform for self expression - something that we're not short of nowadays. But I believe that everything has to be in its proper place to be considered "healthy." Just because you can say anything via social media doesn't mean you have to always do it. Personally, I would rather express my emotions if it would build up others but not if it will cause more trouble. If there's wisdom to it, I don't think there should be any problem. Besides, having a dependable friend around you is way better than talking to a computer.

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