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Is it healthy psychologically to express ourselves emotionally over social media, e.g. in Facebook statuses?

There is sentiment that social media elements such as Facebook statuses are being used by people to get attention and to rant. As a society are we becoming addicted to expressing our smallest irritations over social media? Is it conditioning us into requiring social acknowledgement of our everyday issues? Does it give us a false sense of belonging when we share our feelings to a huge sense of 'friends'? Or are we becoming more emotionally intelligent through this expression? Does it depend on the person?


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  • Mar 14 2012: our need for affiliation has made social networking famous. getting in touch with our group members generate happy feelings within us. fb provides an opportunity to stay in touch with friends continuously. slowly we become addicted to fb and try to seek attention of others through catchy status updates. so i think this expressive behaviour is out of compulsion and infact it reduces our emotional intelligence.
    • Mar 15 2012: I think this response summarises the addictive and degrading effects of status-sharing over social media brilliantly!
      • Mar 15 2012: thanks. i only tried to quote my own experience here.

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