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When the brand others have made for you overwhelms the real you, how do you re-brand yourself as yourself?

Anyone who has been successful, at any level, lives for a time with a Halo Effect (a public brand) around them. Some people shake that brand off quickly, others choose to relish in it for a time, for a while, and some for a lifetime. This question is for those who have lived with that brand and internalized that brand for some period of time. If you have taken the steps to re-brand yourself, how did you do it? If you are in the process of re-branding, what are you doing now? If you haven't yet started the process, what do you think it would take?


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    Mar 18 2012: You don't rebrand yourself because people brand you.
    You rebrand yourself when it is needed. Like when those things that make people brand you certain way no longer works for you... makes you unhappy.. or unproductive.

    So to me...
    It is just a regular adaptation to life and work. It's just a flowchart of self improvement. New challenges.. assess yourself... swot kinda analysis and deal with it... what you can change you change... what you can't you either negotiate or get help. And as I'm changing people will give me new nick name... *smile*

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