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When the brand others have made for you overwhelms the real you, how do you re-brand yourself as yourself?

Anyone who has been successful, at any level, lives for a time with a Halo Effect (a public brand) around them. Some people shake that brand off quickly, others choose to relish in it for a time, for a while, and some for a lifetime. This question is for those who have lived with that brand and internalized that brand for some period of time. If you have taken the steps to re-brand yourself, how did you do it? If you are in the process of re-branding, what are you doing now? If you haven't yet started the process, what do you think it would take?


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    Mar 15 2012: Have you heard of the Klout influence report? I ran it on myself and sadly found out that my internet persona is that of "Observer". I am far away from being a Mover and Shaker. On reflection, though, I've decided to own it. I am a natural introvert. I do sit back and absob my surroundings before I speak. Being a sharp observer in these chaotic times can be a hot commodity. What would be most excellent is to be heard those few times I do choose to speak up.

    Great thought-provoking subject, thanks.

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