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What is the glint in somebody's eye?

Some people have it...some people don't. But what exactly is it? What is that twinkle we see in people's eyes? Is it just a physiological phenomenon or is something deeper going on?


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    Mar 18 2012: Have you seen the TED talk about strange sea creatures that survive the pressure of the deepest sea ?
    Some of them is fluorescent.
    So I vote for something deeper going on.
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      Mar 18 2012: Hi, and thanks for being my first and only respondent. It's strange, but when people are depressed or have had a rather hard life, their eyes seem lifeless and they lack that twinkle that you see in others...what is that twinkle? Is it just a reflection of the light in liquid produced by some gland? Why is it produced by people with a cheeky sense of humour and not by the miserable? Fluorescent deep sea animals, I know about. But I think they're a different kettle of fish altogether. I, like you, however, think that something deeper is going on. Not sure what, though.

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