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Needs the option to add translation to other languages

It does not seem to have the options to add the translation please if anyone knows how change that option so We can all contribute to have his words spread to many more

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    Mar 12 2012: Hola Diego,

    this talk is a TEDx talk, hosted on youtube. They are not yet part of the translation project.

    But you could get in touch with the organizers of this particular TEDx Event.

    You can ask them about their plans of adding subtitles.
    • Mar 14 2012: You can translate the video even though it's hosted on Youtube. There are many ways to do this, and the Youtube player is very good and rendering subtitles once it's done. One way to easily get the translations done is to use
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    Mar 13 2012: this is a really good motivational video. i am wondering if it can be translated to Chinese. thanks.
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    Mar 12 2012: I just read in the "ABOUT TED CONVERSATIONS" which is in a box lower left hand corner,click it and you will find near the bottom that they will allow for the greater international audience to participate in ted conversations in any language in about 2 more months time.