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What's your excuse for not pursuing your passion?

Mr. Smith talked about all kinds of excuses we are making for not going for it in life. I have many tiered dreams in life, and while some are checked off (like working abroad), others still need to be (like changing the world). I find myself thinking that there are too many gatekeepers in the world and too much potential for environmental destruction (i.e. putting out a certain product), so I am always rethinking my "passion", and hoping that I don't come across something where others or the world have to suffer just because of my own ego / narcissistic need to self-actualize.


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    Mar 24 2012: ///

    This was a great thread thanks Genevieve you provided a great read and real value in thinking outside ourselves... so break down the gates.... deliver on dreams....

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      Mar 24 2012: Hi Terry any excuse to be cognitive of WTH it is we are doing has been a big curiosity of mine. I think the world, in a way, is a teenager in terms of how we are figuring things out. We are slowly understanding the consequences of our power.
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        Mar 24 2012: I agree Genevieve, that we may be like teenagers in terms of how we are figuring things out, and we may be slowly starting to understand more about our power with a growth spurt!

        We have more advanced communication systems, which allow us to connect throughout the world, science and technology has given us the gifts of more advanced methods of studying the brain/mind, and we know that with evolution, the brain is expanding in size, and perhaps is ready for the next step of evolution in which we may discover more about the power of communication and connectivity throughout our world? Guess we'll see! It is also a big life-long curiosity of mine:>)

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