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What's your excuse for not pursuing your passion?

Mr. Smith talked about all kinds of excuses we are making for not going for it in life. I have many tiered dreams in life, and while some are checked off (like working abroad), others still need to be (like changing the world). I find myself thinking that there are too many gatekeepers in the world and too much potential for environmental destruction (i.e. putting out a certain product), so I am always rethinking my "passion", and hoping that I don't come across something where others or the world have to suffer just because of my own ego / narcissistic need to self-actualize.


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  • Mar 19 2012: I actually stumbled onto this topic as I was going to post a topic that's very similar. My excuse for not pursuing my passion is my age. I'm scared that since I'm so young everything I do will be awful and I won't even know it. I feel as though it's impossible for me to be successful at my passion and do it justice now, so why even try? That being said, I'm trying anyways because I think that I can do it, but the self-doubt that creeps up every time I think about how old I am and whether or not the ideas I have are childish is enough to cause me to make tons of excuses as to why I'm not trying harder.
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      Mar 19 2012: Hi Kari, I think you just have to do it even if for the practice of doing scary things. The sting of embarrassment, rejection etc. seems horrible, but it is a kind of education and perspective that you would NEVER get just sitting on your @$$. This understanding eventually forms a powerful arsenal for How to Deal With People later in life. So, it's realistic and smart of you to understand there are ageists out there who will prevent you from going further regardless of your ability, but you must, for the sake of exercising your passion, act when you're feeling it! And practice.

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