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What's your excuse for not pursuing your passion?

Mr. Smith talked about all kinds of excuses we are making for not going for it in life. I have many tiered dreams in life, and while some are checked off (like working abroad), others still need to be (like changing the world). I find myself thinking that there are too many gatekeepers in the world and too much potential for environmental destruction (i.e. putting out a certain product), so I am always rethinking my "passion", and hoping that I don't come across something where others or the world have to suffer just because of my own ego / narcissistic need to self-actualize.


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      Mar 15 2012: Hi Vivek, although this may sound unhelpful now, but it seems to be a blessing that you've at least realized this. If you have all the money now, why not geek-out again on engineering and do some open source projects on the internet? Find others to collaborate with! Take an interesting job now that you can afford to again! :) Help a start up!

      Humanity NEEDS your brain, please stop sitting on it!! :) (my personal plea to one under-challenged engineer)
    • Mar 15 2012: The most satifying jobs I do are the pro bono ones which full of fun and passion. That's something to consider. The rest just follows when you are having fun and when you can feel the exhilaration!.

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