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What's your excuse for not pursuing your passion?

Mr. Smith talked about all kinds of excuses we are making for not going for it in life. I have many tiered dreams in life, and while some are checked off (like working abroad), others still need to be (like changing the world). I find myself thinking that there are too many gatekeepers in the world and too much potential for environmental destruction (i.e. putting out a certain product), so I am always rethinking my "passion", and hoping that I don't come across something where others or the world have to suffer just because of my own ego / narcissistic need to self-actualize.


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    Mar 13 2012: I once wanted to be a marine biologist. My Father told me "There are no jobs in marine biology. Get a good job so you can afford to SCUBA dive on the weekends". I used to think that was great advice. I took engineering instead.

    I worked for Hewlett-Packard and after two years decided to leave and start my own business - when I was just 23. So many HP guys who had been there 5, 10, 20 years said "I have been wanting to do that for years! I will do it one day.". I bet that none of them ever did. Since then I started a business, sold a business, started another business, and now have training centers in 50 countries. Yep, it has been hard work, but I have always followed my passion. There have been so MANY times when I could have done something less risky but chose to continue to follow my passion. I have two children (the best boys you'll ever meet) and I have balanced work and home life by working from home.

    Why am I telling you my life story? You really can follow your passion if you break free of the excuses and the barriers thrown up by your parents, family, friends - and your own mind. Stop thinking of all the reasons why you should not do something and focus on how you will do it (not how you could do it). Get a focus, make a plan and do it. It sounds easy, but you have to make a change in your mind - once you create a plan, once you take your first step, everything changes. Ignore the naysayers - they are fearful that if you make it they will feel bad that they did not also try.

    And don't make it about the money. Happiness and success should instead be about how much you enjoy your life - how you spring out of bed in the morning with enthusiasm for what you are doing.

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