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why does the Libyan revolution look as a failure?

The Arab waves of revolution carried away Kadhafi's rule. However, according to some analysts, this country was doomed to further divisions once the common ennemy was no longer there. This week, the Eastern part of Libya declared itself independent. And it wants to be able to decide over its own destiny. In all this move, the NTC in Tripoli accused foreign forces to be behind such a separation. Can we say that we need another revolution to unite Libya or is it good the way it is with the East separated from the West? Can we say that the common front that was fought to topple down Kadhafi is soon forgotten? Or really there is foreign powers who want to use the old way 'divide-to-rule' so that they can exploit the wealth hidden in the East? What is the way forward now?

Topics: geopolitics

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    Mar 16 2012: the way forward now ? is asking were dose the world want to go and how will we get their without wars?

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