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How important a role do you believe Passion plays as an educator?

As a teacher/educator I am often confronted by up and coming University students who are completing their Education degrees and are working to becoming teachers. But when asked a seemingly simple question of "why", they are left stumped.
How big a role do you believe passion plays when training, and first starting out, and then of course in sustaining Education as your life long career?


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    Mar 11 2012: whats you idea of passion? some are the quit logicals others loud and smiling or red and yelling. personality i think is the big question are they empathetic or i don't care do the work stupid passion for bad teaching or a passion for good teaching. I hope educators reflect what they are really teaching and not the same test questions for the next class? I respect a real educator not one thats yelling about the bad students.
    • Mar 11 2012: When I speak of Passion in teaching, I mean being authentic, I mean being engaging and being there for more than your paycheck and holidays. I never yell at my students, for there is no need. But I care about each and every one of my students. And I love each subject area I teach, and teach them with gusto. I don't believe in teaching subjects anyway, I believe in teaching the students. There is nothing that I teach them, that they can't find for themselves in todays era. But what they wont find reading some webpage is words coming to life through a teacher who is truly engaging and passionate about being there and sharing what they know, and being open to being taught by their students.
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        Mar 12 2012: As a language teacher, I get to talk about anything I want. When I talk about what the kids like, they sense that I'm trying to get on their level and they mistrust...they don't really like it. When I try and get the kids to understand what I like, by talking about things I'm passionate about, then it's completely different. They love it. I play them all the songs I used to be interested in as a kid, the ones I like now. Passion never goes out of date and only by talking engagedly about something you are really interested in can you hope to convince and interest. There will always be one or two who are just not interested...but I try not to let them get me too despondent...

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