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Create a Universal Code of Ethics

Isn't it about time that the world that the world stop finding reasons to fight and start finding reasons to join together. Why isn't there universal order in our world, especially when we are visiting others. I think that the forms of government and protest going on today suggest parts of a universal right and wrong that we all should and would be willing to follow. Things like Democracy and even Communism have peaces of the true truth that form a single and ultimate form of law.
Pieces of a puzzle that is how we function as a whole.


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  • Mar 16 2012: One can begin with a single ethical rule: "You are free to do anything you want as long as it does not impinge upon the freedom of others."
    Of course, such a system rapidly runs into the problem of governance, because resources are not infinite. For instance, the idea of shared goals and communal best interest trumping individual freedom quickly arises. This is why libertarian ethics often start to look like anarchy, in my view.
    We are members of society, like it or not, and therefore we need rule of law to keep chaos at bay. Then: who writes the laws, and who interprets them, and who enforces them? Pretty soon, though you start with properly chosen representatives and judges and police, you end up with a lot of the problems we have seen for millennia, with corrupt rule by the rich and powerful. There are powerful natural forces working to this 'equilibrium', that is, a servile society. I truly respect social democracy for its egalitarian achievements, and recognize that this does not come without some significant 'letting go' of individual freedoms, by very evolved citizens.
    My point is that without significant social conformity (absent in the US, for example) we need the 'hand of God' or some real 'grownups' (socially evolved and responsible people) to manage the disputes and egregious schoolyard behavior taken up by those who selfishly pursue their own interests even when it damages the interests of others. And without any grownups in sight, we in the US pursue every vice with abandon and little direct accountability, resulting in war and greed and all that well known nasty behavior... without grownups, you'll never get the citizenry to accept any proposed code of ethics, no matter how well crafted.
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      Mar 16 2012: I agree with you on the problem of interpretation and enforcement. That is, in the end, the fatal flaw of all form of laws and government. But I think that there is a solution,
      maybe a basic computer judge (without bias or greed) or something.
      But I do think that eventually the common citizen will begin to look for some kind of code of law that protects them even from their government

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