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KONY 2012 -Glossing over a complex issue, missing the subject of Healing for Victims? OR a powerful point towards tragedy of Child Soldiers?

The video and movement is an undeniable phenomena... I am curious to hear from the intelligence and compassion of the TED Community...


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    Mar 24 2012: ...

    We are the new Global Community, these tragedies happen in our town on our watch... whether we point towards the perpetrator or the healing, the phenomenon focuses on resolution and compassion in action... For this we hope every action is as true as possibly can be, and in our action we do not create another tragedy... I find the most important thing is that we ask good questions of ourselves and each other, and we do this often... we share our thoughts in forums like this, and here on TED... but we do not become paralyzed by these questions, we become driven, we become more passionate, focused and put great Ideas into greater Action and support each other on the journey as best we can... Terry

    ... We are not here to see through each other, we are here to see each other through... Anonymous


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