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KONY 2012 -Glossing over a complex issue, missing the subject of Healing for Victims? OR a powerful point towards tragedy of Child Soldiers?

The video and movement is an undeniable phenomena... I am curious to hear from the intelligence and compassion of the TED Community...


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  • Mar 24 2012: My husband and I had quite a heated discussion regarding this topic. He takes the view of some here that "it's been happening all over the world since the beginning of time" and "why Kony? what about (fill in your favorite bad guy)" etc..

    I feel the story of the boy on the beach with the starfish is the best way to express this. As he picked up the starfish along the beach and threw them back into the ocean he was asked why did he do it when he couldn't possibly save them all. He picked one up, threw it into the ocean and said, "It made a difference to that one".

    I find the KONY campaign fascinating, if nothing else, as the global social experiment that it is. Can we, a global community, come together and affect change that can prevent future atrocities in our world? Maybe Kony is our focus now, but when the "bad guys" find out they can no longer hide due to global visiblity, it might prevent just one from doing the same as Kony or those like him.

    Knowledge and awareness, implies responsibility. Like it or not, we are a global community and we must learn to help take care of each other, the strong protect the weak and empower them to become strong. It's real easy to sit here in our nice comfy homes in front of a computer and debate this issue when we do not experience it ourselves. We are fortunate to be born where we are and have what we have. Why shouldn't we try to make the world a better place for those that have not had the same blessings?

    I don't really care if KONY is "faked", "misleading" or anything else. Fact is, this IS happening in our world and it is our shared responsibility to make it stop. Or fail miserably as human beings.

    Change in the world begins with me.

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