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KONY 2012 -Glossing over a complex issue, missing the subject of Healing for Victims? OR a powerful point towards tragedy of Child Soldiers?

The video and movement is an undeniable phenomena... I am curious to hear from the intelligence and compassion of the TED Community...


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    Mar 21 2012: I am a member of a new band called Action Required Now. Action Required Now! is an organization that seeks to create a culture of mindful, proactive people who inspire others to support goodwill causes.

    We produce our first single and is about the tragedy of Child Soldiers. "Enough" is a March of Hope, a song for freedom...it is intended to be a symbol of hope for those suffering by the hands of those that use children as soldiers and as a battle cry for ourselves and the many groups working to put an end to this horrific practice!

    Our music is designed to support and uplift those that are suffering and by "Healing our world with a song" we aim to inspire people to take action and get involved. If you would like to hear it please visit youtube - Enough by Action Required Now. If you like it please spread the word... Peace

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