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KONY 2012 -Glossing over a complex issue, missing the subject of Healing for Victims? OR a powerful point towards tragedy of Child Soldiers?

The video and movement is an undeniable phenomena... I am curious to hear from the intelligence and compassion of the TED Community...


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    Mar 13 2012: How does a discussion about a warlord from Uganda end up under a talk by a nigerian writer?
    Africa really is a country, isn't it?
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      Mar 13 2012: ... and commented on by people around the world? by perfect subject matter, not by proximity.

      The Danger of a Single Story by Chimamanda, is one of my favorite talks too Harald. It's a two-way street, in that you hope to lead good threads to great TED talks. Chimamanda's talk is great... as she points out, we can get lost in the tragedy, and people can lose their dignity unless we look at the diversity and complexity of an issue, in any country or continent. Videos like Kony 2012, can paint a single story, a stereotype, but hopefully it can help bring light as well as action to the complexity of the issue. it would be interesting if those who viewed the Kony 2012 video could listen, really listen to Chimamanda's talk for context, and know the Danger of a Single Story. The tragedy of child soldiers is more complex than eliminating one leader of the LRA... and I hope the phenom of the video will lead to that understanding. I hope the video also leads people to the vast work of healing by IC and others in the region and places like Hope North. I have pointed other threads to Chimamanda's great talk for it's powerful subject matter, not because it's a story that takes place on the continent of Africa, but because of the context of understanding... thank you for your thougths Harald.

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