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Are there any Handsome women out there?

This word "Handsome" is not used very often to describe a woman of today, I am curious as to how a woman would react or think if a man said to her that she was "Handsome".

And to the men out there who have said this to a woman what compels you to call a woman Handsome? And why?

Is Handsome the new Beautiful?

What are your thoughts? :)


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    Mar 13 2012: Dear Blaire,
    There are definitely Handsome women out there. And ‘there’ is in Suriname. The Saramaccan people, a Maroon tribe living in the interior of the country, utilize a language that consists of quite some English words besides the mainly African dialects and Portuguese. Their language was formed during the slavery period in the 18th century and the word still used to describe a beautiful, strikingly good-looking woman is ‘hansum’ derived from ‘handsome’. They are themselves a very ‘hansum’ people.
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      Mar 13 2012: Of course there are handsome women! Look at Astra!!!
      Women can be handsome AND beautiful...just like men...in my humble perception:>)

      "marked by skill or cleverness; marked by graciousness or generosity; impressive or dignified appearance; syn: beautiful:>)
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        Mar 16 2012: I agree with you colleen :)
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          Mar 17 2012: Thank you dear wonderful handsome women. I humbly curtsy to you in acceptance of your bestowal (please imagine the curtsy :)

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