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Calling all teachers! What do you need to teach your students effectively?

My focus is on k-12 teachers, principles, administrators, etc. I know everyone is going to say money, but think outside of that please. Give me specifics.

Examples: leadership development, cultural understanding, curriculum (what subjects?), social project ideas, positive social platforms, online books, management training...

Thank you for your help and input


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  • Mar 12 2012: In today's very social everything lifestyle and yet very individual technology everything world. It is important to be a good architect working on self creating good body, mind and ripples of actions and circles of relationships. It is very important to build a home of life in this place, i very much like to see as a giant social networking place. Offcourse i would wish the work of god for another living would be better but this place needs work right from young age and careful planning and creating and choosing the right life lego blocks and build a nice cosy life home within which you can cuddle and outwardly can give a warm hug.

    So i would say teach kids to see life as a home and teach them to build a home which radiates happiness.

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