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Calling all teachers! What do you need to teach your students effectively?

My focus is on k-12 teachers, principles, administrators, etc. I know everyone is going to say money, but think outside of that please. Give me specifics.

Examples: leadership development, cultural understanding, curriculum (what subjects?), social project ideas, positive social platforms, online books, management training...

Thank you for your help and input


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    Mar 11 2012: How funny. I read your question (before reading your elaboration) and would never have thought of money as the answer to it. When I read your description, my first thought was how very curious that you would think "everyone is going to say money."
    What a teacher needs most, I think, is the flexibility to try to meet the needs of each child in her charge. This requires permission to adapt the curriculum according to her judgment as to what will work for the kids in front of her and to be relieved of too many meetings and too much paperwork so that she can concentrate on what she entered the profession to do- teach kids. As a supplement to help her teach her kids effectively, it would be wonderful if every child could be provided a good breakfast, lunch, a jacket, and school supplies.
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      Mar 11 2012: Thanks for the reply! And I'm sorry that it came across in that way, I should have known that the audience that would be replying to this question would be smarter than the average... That was my bad. If you can't tell, this is my first question to add on TED.

      So, outside of the administrative day-to-day, what kind of tools could be provided that could enhance a student's experience?

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