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using nitrogen tri-ioide as a fuel

nitrogen tri-iodide is a chemical that acts as nitroglycerin when it's dry, but when it's wet it' completely stable, this gives us the ability to manipulate it's condition to our favor.
A research has proposed the mechanism that would harness this source of energy and it showed that it gives out three times as much as energy as gasoline, it's half the price, it's environmentally friendly as there are no carbon emissions & it's renewable, some people might wonder how it could be used as the chemical is a solid and it's not possible to dry an object all of a sudden, also the exhaust of the reaction contains iodine gas which is poisonous. All the previous obstacles where overcome, as a solid fuel injection system was made, a specific ignition mechanism was also developed as a recycling system for the iodine gas so it can be re-used in synthesis of nitrogen tri-iodide....

With all these benefits why isn't anyone looking into the subject???!!!!

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    Mar 13 2012: it sounds terribly convoluted. i see no benefit over a methane or methanol fuel cell, or the good old battery. granted, none of these are in the realm of marketability yet, but neither this iodide technology.
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      Mar 17 2012: the idea is that it is completely renewable, it has no carbon emissions, it gives more energy than your everyday fuel, and it's cheaper, there is nothing that brings all these four to the table along with being abundant and not out of a science fiction movie.
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        Mar 17 2012: renewable, such as bio methanol. and by the time such new solutions can be market ready, we will already have far better electric batteries and/or fuel cells.
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        Mar 17 2012: a highly explosive material is cost effective? give me a break. methanol is dirt cheap. methane too. batteries are becoming cheaper.
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          Mar 17 2012: Batteries are still expensive and the whole reason that NI3 is cheap is because you only pay for ammonia in it's preparation the iodine is recycled so you don't have to go paying for it, ammonia is extremely cheap it's a fertilizer meaning that you spray it on acres of land every day, the reason it's cost effective is that it IS and explosion, most of the energy is given to the molecules is used to transform heavy iodine molecules into projectiles with a certain direction which is not the case in combustion. Combustion is the least efficient way to get energy it's like a tungsten light bulb compared to neon bulb, most of your energy is lost in useless collisions between molecules the only energy you get is from the surface molecules that hit your container.
  • Mar 13 2012: Seems interesting!
    I might not familiar with nitrogen tri-iodide, but if !!! this become a reality
    I'm sure that, this will be a big leap for human being.