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What is the future of music?

Today is the day …
Tonight is the night …
That my musical world has been turned upside down!
I was always known as a person who shows genuine interest in … MUSIC! But if only I haven’t seen what I saw this morning:

Well, after SIMONE …
I was like LOL! But now my mouth has been shut, lip-sealed, tongue-tied and I don’t know what else! Is this the future of MUSIC?

Hm … I don’t know what to say! We are surely and persistently devoured by technology! When a virtually generated voice and a hologram simulation can make our hearts beat faster and get us together and experience emotion that strong as you can see in both videos! YES, it is a real time concert (the first video) and now a third version of the software has been developed …
WHERE is the role of humans in the future when comps have taken over music as well?
We truly live in very ineteresting times indeed!

Closing Statement from Silvia Marinova

Well, I guess that's all there is to say ...
Thanks to all for sharing your opinion and valuable point of view and TED for providing the opportunity!

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    Mar 12 2012: Technology rears its ugly/beautiful (mostly ugly) head frequently in the musical arts. It won't ever really affect music.

    The pop music industry is a different story - this propagates a lot of "music-by-numbers" about which the focus is shifting units. It also is responsible for the continuing changing of the ways in which music is disseminated - witness vinyl to cassette to CD to DVD to mp3 and so on. None of these formats improve music, they are really only money-saving changes (check the bottom line, now spin it) and we all have our preferred format.

    As for video sharing/composing - that's all good but the one thing that technology (listening from a distance) can never truly re-present is actually being at a good, live show.

    Sweaty bodies, spilled beer, smiles, loudness, vibrations, shenanigans, the lot.
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      Mar 16 2012: Nothing can compare to the performance LIVE! :) SO true. :)
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    Mar 11 2012: It's still humans behind the curtain. But it'll be something when we manage to programm software that can actually write beautiful songs instantaneously. Or even programms who can write better programms than us.
    Let's face it now : it's a matter of time before artificial creativity produces better art than us.
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      Mar 11 2012: Interesting point you have, Gerald! I dare not think about this option yet! :)
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    R H

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    Mar 11 2012: Awesome. Watched both. How will 'live bands' be able to compete with digital perfection? 'Simone' reminded me of The Wizard of Oz - only with Al Pacino behind the curtain. You might like to watch an old 2001 movie called "A.I." by Steven Speilberg. Very much like the video's you suggested.
    I always felt music was a different form of communication. Here we go again!
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      Mar 11 2012: Oh, I've watched A.I. ... it's the best film ever on the topic! I recommended it to my mum but the robot-kid was too realistic and she thought it was a heavy film to see. Anyway, I still love it! Hm, makes me wonder ... when will art become mainly artificial (without human intervention) as Gerald suggested?
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        R H

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        Mar 11 2012: I really don't know. I'm hoping that as we give ourselves to our technology, we will continue to expand our thinking, our knowledge, and our abilities. I've read that many scientists in the field of A.I. say that we have yet to tap the majority of our brainpower. So as the Cro-Magnon man learned to beat sticks, and the ancients learned the flute, and Hendrix learned the electric guitar, I can only imaging what will become of our creative expression. Don't give up on humans yet!