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How can we,humans,work like a single mechanism?How to improve the world that we live in?

In a world where everyone is for himself,we can do contrarily and prove that this system can work.It can be proved that if a group of 10 people are working as a unit to do 10 jobs,it is done better and faster than a man doing one job.
How can we become better and improve a system that is falling down?The world that we know and populate can be much more...but how?

  • Mar 14 2012: The simple solution is for females and males to share power equally throughout every single part of society.
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    Mar 11 2012: My thoughts on this 1 decipher the many langueges that exsist into one world language using tech and software 2 to raise awareness and to get us all to take a world day off and have a dialogue around the internet 3 the anti peaceful people need to be identified by the world. 4 world need to create a shared vision of a untied future? we all what the future to be better but the governments and self intrested that don't want us to talk get in the way and make barriers like war poverty discrimination corruption useing data analysis and quantum wealth management would be a good place to start. I live in spokane W.A. American I'm sick of war and fighting. i don't want to see people live in fear of each other because we cant understand one another keep fighting for the same change we all want ill support you be well your asking the right questions?
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    Mar 10 2012: This is the type of thing that would make the free-market perfect.
    People informed and organized so that certain actions and purchases can be stopped (to a large degree) to help keep prices reasonable and economic bubbles from bursting.
    The cost of housing comes to mind.

    It sounds like a social network concept would play a role in getting people informed.
    If there was some way a website could send free text messages to the social sites users, it would be a big step in the right direction (allowing updates and news without people having to log in and check specifically for something).