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crowd sourcing the solutions and taking action for tomorrow.

what is it that all people truly want? Starvation and poverty,Discrimination and Corruption,War and Terrorism we want the problems that are flooding the world to go away and never return. People cant understand each other under these circumstances at all. My idea and solution Engineer a world system that confronts these sad circumstances in order to build the world we all truly want.Tell my idea and let it flourish and grow this is possible it can begin with you?

  • Mar 11 2012: All people truly want to live happily ever after. And that is possible. Let's work together cooperatively and achieve that within our lifetimes. We can do it. A good starting point would be to encourage everyone to express truth all the time, obey their own positive whims, do and say anything positive or say and do nothing. Let's talk about all the positive things we can do. Let's use our creativity to elevate the joy level of anyone at all. Let's express truth as we know it all the time. I know that takes courage, but the sooner we come up with courage, the less we need to come up with. Hope you have a purely positive day today.
  • Mar 10 2012: I do what I do. You manipulate you. I manipulate me. You say what you say. I say what I say. Best wishes for success in all of your positive endeavors.
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      Mar 10 2012: request your insight for tomorrow ? consistency with people about change and progress is are driving force will you ask people to view my conversation please?
      • Mar 11 2012: Happy Today, Solidus.
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          Mar 11 2012: yes many more people want to support a united world discussion about the future have a good day be well.
      • Mar 11 2012: And we are doing that right now, Solidus. Let's make the short run, the present, as positive as we can. As John Maynard Keynes pointed out in his economic analyses, the long run is made up of a bunch of short runs. (Something like that.)
  • Mar 11 2012: Happy Today, Solidus.