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Are you a conformist or a non conformist?

Definition: Conformity - Doing things the way it is defined by perceived limitations - Social, physical, mental or executional.

Non-Confirmity - The ability to take risk and go beyond the defined, allowed or the traditionally possible - based on being driven and on belief.

Non-Conformity is often perceived as REBEL, rebel is looked at as something that is wrong. I want to share that Non-conformity does not have to be wrong. While there are mostly examples of it that hog limelight for negative reasons; it is a life changing idea for the good. If we intend it to be that way.

My life has been divided between being a conformist and a non-conformist. I still don't have the answer but I am sure that people not willing to conform to things ought to get the due respect and a proper platform for it now.However, it is important that the means and intention are absolutely humane for this different person. Otherwise - there will just be more of the negative examples.

If you feel like digging deeper into it, I spoke about this at a recent TEDx; you can see that at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBLCWg37R6Q

Are you a conformist or a non-conformist? It will be great if you could suggest some examples of non-conformity that did good for the world.

Answers appreciated.


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    Mar 11 2012: in a society in which nonconformity is the norm, what should nonconformists do?
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      Mar 12 2012: Hi Krisztián,

      Great question. Let me try to answer,

      Non-conformity is the norm only because more and more people are beginning to believe themselves. That is what non conformists should do as well.

      If I try to be a non-conformist only to be one, for the sake of it, it is just a waste of time. What matters is if i learn from the non-conformist world and develop that learning into something of my own. Something that I believe in.

      To sum it up - 'Learn more to try more' That is what anyone should do, specially if he/she think of themselves as a non-conformist.


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