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The impact of innovation and collaboration on life expectancy

According to some researchers, it seems that life expectancy is growing in developing countries and in regions with a fast pace and innovative environment.
While I am looking for statistics, studies to confirm this. The idea is that life expectancy can be a function of our social organizaiton

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    Feb 15 2011: Malcolm Gladwell's "Outliers" starts with a very good story about a particular town in Pennsylvania, completed populate by Italian immigrants, who maintained many of their old world traditions. Though they had generally unhealthy eating and excercise habits, their rate of heart disease was much lower, and their life expectancy much higher. This was attributed to the strength of the social networks there, people were never alone, eating together was a daily occurence and visitations were frequent.

    In regard to your idea, do you think that our currently scattered lives can have the same social benefits from online collaboration?

    Or perhaps I'm way off topic, are you simply saying that the more collaborative a society, the more developed their medical system is likely to be for promoting long living?