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How do we make Bureaucracy sexy?

The first thing that came to mind was changing the branding..
Ok, if the real work of government happens below the 6 inch layer of politics in the realm of bureaucracy then how do we change the story so people are excited to be involved?
Jennifer Pahlka says "We have to engage with the machinery of government."
I am looking for ways to become more bureaucratically active!!! How do we?!?
We need to give a voice to a new generation... but this generation needs to be invited in!
I want to know how to maximize everyone's engagement in the dialog and awareness of issues related to them locally, regionally, nationally and internationally!

Omar Ahmad suggests "We live in a digital world but we're fairly analog creatures." So, is there a need for the novel act of writing?! Maybe, but I am not convinced.


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    Mar 11 2012: It is painfully obvious that the bipartisan system is broken, but the dichotomy that we face is that it takes money to build a new model!

    We make it sexy by providing new tools to the citizen that engage them in such a way that they feel their voice is heard and has effect. "We the people" can be redefined under the pretense of social network extensions.
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      Mar 11 2012: Really like what you said. I'm always trying to network with people like you. I'm all for supporting your idea my concern is the people that cant or wont embrace a change to their government for the better.people need to see consistent flow and progress from their effort or they will stop being apart of the effort.
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      Mar 20 2012: There are game mechanics that will compel people to come back again and again. These must be involved.. I agree with Seth Preibatsh that the Game Layer will define this decade.
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      Mar 20 2012: Solidus018@gmail.com i understand your busy and have prioritys and thats were i think we all need to focus. we all have short attention spans because of are own intrests my opinion not that is if time money resources are the factors to resolving threating current issues we should construct a new kind of crisis managment orginazation like the red cross but with more authority? I would like your insight to my solution to current world priorities we all want resolved. Governments use armies to combat their interest if this can be made into a world topic it has the potential to end wars. we connect the dots before the decision makers try and feed the people a ultimatum? please pass this idea to your friends if you find the time we could make this real and possible in a matter of weeks thanks to the interment maybe faster, ok be well

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