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What's your opinion on Kony 2012

I've been deeply moved by the video and the idea. but i dont know enough.
Help me decide. What are you going to do?

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    Mar 10 2012: watched the video yesterday and find more information from other sources today and havent yet formed a confident judegement ( Will we ever know what the truth is ?) but I am all for justice to be conducted.
  • Mar 9 2012: The fim is deeply factually flawed. Kony has not been in Uganda for 6 years because the US DID intervene with the Ugandan government in 2006. Kony is a small potato player now. Still very evil, no doubt and still very much in need of the opportunity of facing justice. But, single individuals NEVER create such havoc alone. It is nice to pretend that they do and that large social problems can be solved by removing one person. People like Kony exist and thrive because it suits some one else that they do. Some one has been funding him. Who is that group? What purpose does Kony serve to them?

    (You could posit Rush Limbaugh's absurd insistence that US intervention against Kony was a sign of Obama's anti-christian intentions as evidence of just how absurd such a thing can become....)

    The organization is being disingenuous.

    But, if their plan was to make sure everyone was talking about Kony, they have succeeded admirably. But, these issues are probably why TED has not posted the film.
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    Mar 9 2012: Ask the question why TED hasn't put this on their home page yet; Kony 2012