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How safe is e-commerce? (Buying and selling online)

e-commerce is getting more and more popular with time. We even buy large items like LCDs online. How safe is it? Especially, how safe are sites like ebay, where individual sellers can register and sell? The transactions might be safe, and most (almost 90%) sellers don't cheat, but the real problem is item quality and more importantly shipping, customs, if it's an int'l purchase. How safe have you felt? Can you predict the future of e-commerce?

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    Mar 9 2012: E commerce is amazing. It is like shopping in your room. E-bay and other sites like amazon are doing excellent jobs by bringing the whole gallery of a supermarket to customers' computer screen. Looking at the popularity and customers' feedback, I can see that e commerce is sure to develop and expand with time. It is becoming a necessity for this fast and busy world.
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    Mar 16 2012: Are last concern is the internet with war almost here we got big threatening problems wake up.
  • Mar 9 2012: e-commerce will continue to grow because it offers convenience (selection, user reviews) and it also usually offers better prices. I find prices at e-bay typically 50% cheaper than in local stores. Similarly with Amazon.

    Nothing is perfect but I didn't have any problems yet. Just be sure to research on a new merchant that you don't know much about.