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How do you think one should understand and pursue happiness?

What does true happiness mean to you? what has been your life experience with happiness? How do you think mankind should approach happiness?

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    Mar 9 2012: Love what you do no matter what you do.
    Love the people that fill your life no matter what people they are.
    Accept and love yourself for what you are no matter what others think of you.

    Think and see the positive only and the world will act positive on you.
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      Mar 9 2012: Beautiful words Frans!
      Sometimes i wonder why language had to be so complicated.. English is so complicated a language that if the right context of a word is not understood... it can be totally misunderstood.... For example the word 'Love'...
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      Mar 9 2012: Frans and Subhash,
      We make language complicated with our many different interpretations and preferences!

      To answer your question, I would first take "should" out of the question. I have no right or desire to suggest how others should or should not pursue happiness. We are all different, have different likes, dislikes, preferences, and may understand and experience happiness/contentment in many different ways.

      Frans offers a very simple and realistic answer..."Love what you do no matter what you do". Or as I often say..."do what you love, or love what you're doing".

      I believe the life experience is about learning, so in each and every moment, my heart and mind are open to the possibilities and opportunities. Acceptance and love of ourself as evolving human beings, and the love and acceptance of others, is one of the most important stepping stones for me on the life journey. Those who believe their way is the one and only way, are simply missing the opportunity to really connect with others, thereby denying themselves the feelings, thoughts, ideas, opinions and beliefs that contribute to our growth and connectedness in this earth school that we all share.
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        Mar 10 2012: Colleen thank you for your kind words.

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