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How do you think one should understand and pursue happiness?

What does true happiness mean to you? what has been your life experience with happiness? How do you think mankind should approach happiness?

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  • Mar 9 2012: This is a great topic. I have changed a lot in the last ten years and here is what I have learn about happiness and what makes me happy:

    - enjoy the journey rather than the destination

    - surround yourself with positive people, both friends and family

    - good relationships and good friends/family is the most important thing in life

    - find your passion and hobbies

    - embrace minimalism as stuff will not make you happy in the long run. The more stuff you buy the more time, money and energy you have to spend to maintain them, upgrade them, and replace them.

    - cut time spent watching TV (or cancel the TV altogether) and instead read or meet others. You will never remember what you watched a few months ago but you will always remember meetings with your friends or what you have read

    - have fun in life like kids do by being yourself and do silly things

    - don't take anything too seriously and don't try to be perfect to lower your stress level

    - exercise weekly to keep yourself healthy

    - donate your time and money to charities and helping others so that you do your part in making this world a better place and you will feel great

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      Mar 9 2012: Good thoughts Zdenek!

      Happiness is a state of being... yes... but one cannot always remain there for life is in between dualities... one cannot always stay in one half of the duality... Happiness and sadness are like the two extremes of a pendulum... If we really reflect...when we move towards happiness we are bound to move towards sorrow... and vice versa is also true... when there is lot of sadness there is only one way where we move and that is towards happiness..

      True happiness or contentment can be found by accepting reality and to fully experience this reality.. Acceptance is a quality which every one must develop in order to experience contentment...

      Gratitude towards oneself is also another important aspect... many a times we don't feel grateful to ourselves for who we are.. when we develop gratitude, it also helps in developing self respect.

      Gratitude towards oneself, Acceptance of who we are, inturn gives us the ability to be grateful to others, understand and accept others and develop respect to others and our environment... which help us live better... and enjoy life as never before...

      Life is much simpler and the choice of life would be that of simplicity.

      Thanks for your views!

      • Mar 9 2012: Thanks Subhash for your thoughts. I agree.

        "True happiness or contentment can be found by accepting reality... "
        Since happiness is subjective then reality is not what we accept, I think, but rather how do we perceive it. It is about realization of what is really important in life and as you say gratitude toward yourself. For some the glass is half empty, for others it is half full or completely full.

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      Mar 10 2012: Zdenek,

      I really enjoyed reading your comment. Living a purposeful life is one key way to have happiness of some sort.

      It is wonderful that you have grown in the last ten years, it sounds like you are very happy.

      Thank you.

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