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If the mainly problem of the world is all about money, I propose do not use money anymore. We can make a free living. Not in a money prison.

We just need to earn some money to get more confidence and security of a better life. But its not what our current system provides for us. We are getting so far from human being because money is our creation and we can dissolve our creation. The propose is: Leave the money system and live our lifes for the humanity. We are all humans and we are only one humanity as whole. We think we are different from other but we are not. We can be a little more human just by living sharing basic things for a good living with others. It's not a true that a money can make the things happen. It's how big is our will to make things happens to everyone. We need to change. We need to be the "we". We can share everything we want to other people. We can live without money just providing services that makes a better life. Let's change how we are considering our life. Be the diference and be a new world. Just think that we are One and everyone, and think that everyone is just you and one.


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  • Mar 9 2012: It's not a system of exchanging. We dont need to receive every moment you give. Just give and share when it needs. When you buy something from a market you're not giving another thing than the money that's just a fake system of a better life on confidence and security. Imagine a world where you'll only get what everyone needs, not only you need.

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