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Doesn't vibration's control of matter, expanding universe, auras, Nikoli Tesla, and infinite energy, lend to existence of "God"?

I saw this video over a year ago, and yes it is about her experience. But contrary to dismissal of any reference to "God", praise limited to trade science leaves out the fact that physics proves all physical things only exist due to vibration frequency, auras, what they can do, magnetic fields & more.

A mass paradigm by people blinded by the fact that "religion" has been manipulated and exploited by usury, genocidal arrogance, and material lust dismissing the plethora of documented evidence of those who have achieved the very "experience" we dismiss and separate from the word "God".

I'm just an artist/ humanities major/ builder,whose "faith", drive for truth, & support systems allowed to escape the ghetto (South Bronx 1960 to 1985), and live in multiple countries, and US states, through military service. Though TED is the truth, it is filled with people so obsessed with the bad, that they dismiss the suppressed facts that lie beyond their personal experience, research and / or closed networks. Brilliant though many may be, that very dismissal of facts that disagrees with their "blame it all on religion" perspective, distances them from the very solutions to fascist conditions they seek. In my experience,its far more effective to read and know their books.

Consider that thought (synaptic transmission) can travel faster than light (kills the nothing faster than light theory), that meditation masters can stop their hearts (make it flutter at undetectable rate), Paralyze their skin to achieve seeming miracles (walk on coals, lay on beds of nails, and spears, and others can swim to great depths / process the air in water etc), things that they themselves contribute to the same understanding that this scientist discovered in her "experience".

Anyone who has bothered to read the religions, easily sees they all, including Hinduism and Buddhism, are talking about that same oneness (omnipresent expanding consciousness, GOD), mimicking the factually expanding univers

Closing Statement from Steward Clinton

To Arnab Dutta. Thank you for your responses, I could have been clearer in that statement, and apologize to anyone who was offended by what I did 'not' mean to infer. What I meant in it, was that the people who make up TED, like me, have suffered and or witnessed suffering so much, and know so well the history of usury and genocide accomplished through religion, that they think "religion" is the culprit. All people from all of the places I lived, are or try to be faithful to the good aspects of their faiths. None I've met want to kill people until or unless they are being killed. We discussed our mutual faiths in admitting our ignorance and what is wrong in them. That has led me to combine what is right, profound, good for me personally from all of them, and due away with the rest. Because if you follow the point of all of them, the same love you have in you, is the highest state of existence. They are the 99%. The rest are those who seek or have control of them and their faiths. From all the comments I've read in TED over the last couple of years I've regularly visited the site, the vast majority are just like the ones I saw under this video. That is how I reached the conclusion that they are extremely closed minded on that issue. The archives proved it to me.

Obviously the people who make up the founding body and their paid philanthropists are not the same people as those who comment. That is who that statement is more directed at. People like you.

Lastly. You call me arrogant, but don't (can't) even answer the question with anything other than condescending sarcasm? I presented my question based on facts, where are yours? Instead of offering an answer, you go off the deep end with adversarial rhetoric. The fact of that, proves you (and the other sarcastic commenter) not only to be arrogant, but really ignorant as well. What say you to all this. Surprise me and respond to the question instead of just adversarial immaturity. No such thing as "nothing"

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    Mar 9 2012: Aura, quantum, quazar, chakra, wavelenght, proton, dark matter, pulsar, supernova and Jesus Christ.
    All in one big dirty blender on a messy kitchen table.
    It's done. Wipe your hands. Open your door, get the word out on the street.
    "Come as you are."
    Soup for the scientifically-challenged.
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      Mar 9 2012: ha ha ha . I never see such a sarcastic comment .
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      Mar 9 2012: Three ingredients make up the universe: Energy and Space.
      Question is who created matter? What created energy? And why is there space? This is the moment that some people feel God created everything.
      Some Bible/Quran/Veda believers claim disabilities like his come from doing something God wouldn't condone, but he feels his ailment was caused by forces of nature.
      But Hawking says “the universe adds up to nothing, like the hole”
      Here the explanation.
      Space and energy materialized out of nothingness through negative energy, which he describes like the space left when soil is dug out of a hole. The negative energy is the empty space; the discarded soil is mass and energy.
      So you don't need a God to create nothing.
      The Big Bang -- something being created out of nothing -- is explained through quantum mechanics. The universe was once smaller than a proton, and simply has popped into existence.
      The final key to removing the need for a Grand Designer is the beginning of time. And where did time begin? The Big Bang. Since time began with the Big Bang, there was no previous moment in time for any God to create the Big Bang.
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        Mar 9 2012: I like the irony of all that. If some people hate the idea of something being there without a cause, then why aren't they bothered by the very idea of GOD?

        You'd think these guys would be relieved to read that some people have an explation where "it all adds to nothing". But they seem irritated by that too.

        In the end, you realize what it's about : Some people don't like the headache of figuring things out. Or grow tired of the strenuous effort of providing valid arguments. Or they just don't give a crap.
  • Mar 9 2012: is it possible for the brain of a dog to understand literature? No, it isn't, no matter how hard you try to explain it to the dog. Maybe there are some things, like the true nature of the universe, which are incomprehensible by the physical limitations of the human brain.
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    Mar 9 2012: "Though TED is the truth, it is filled with people so obsessed with the bad, that they dismiss the suppressed facts that lie beyond their personal experience, research and / or closed networks. Brilliant though many may be, that very dismissal of facts that disagrees with their "blame it all on religion"

    TED is filled with people so obsessed with the bad things????????????????

    Are you kidding or you are Insane ?