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Is the media that this new generation engulfs itself in hurting their own success?

Hello everybody,
If my question is a bit unclear, id like to clarify. What i mean is does the media that is made for children today (specifically about those under 13) negatively affecting their chances for success. The shows that children watch today seem to become 'simpler' and 'simpler'. If you count the time in-between fake audience laughs, there is often a meager 7 seconds average. It seems that these shows really are becoming dumber, or maybe we just view them this way because we watched different shows. If we look at songs and culture, innuendos and suggestive themes predominate songs that elementary schoolers listen to, just another example of this media.

To sum up, what are your opinions on this? Does the media that children engulf themselves in negatively affect them? Will it affect our future?