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Can we fix our education system by creating small community groups?

If a small groups of people got together in different areas and took their children's education into their own hands by hiring a teacher by themselves. Example a group with that has 10 children hire a teacher to teach the children instead of trusting a school system to handle everything. The children would take the usual tests at the end of the year demanded by the Government but the parents would have more of an ability to monitor and control the education of their children. To many kids are falling through the cracks and big Government control has not worked. I think education needs to be taken to a smaller more locally controlled groups not a big school system that the parent gets the run around about everything.

  • Mar 9 2012: Yes, I believe that will and has played a large role in improving education. What you are suggesting is very similar to private education.

    The benefits of privatized education far outweigh those offered by the public factory system of education. I apologize I can not list in depth the benefits, but it seems you have already considered some of them.

    Smaller class size is very important; It has been proven by many studies that a better teacher to student ratio fosters more learning. Small community groups like you are suggesting also provide opportunity to not only engage students more, but also draw in the attention of parents. Parent involvement is key to the overall efficacy of education. In short, it has been proven to be true that private education has had a positive effect on test results and student achievement.

    Small community groups are working!