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Grow alternative collaborative systems to accommodate for our new understanding of psychology, social sciences, and morality.

We've seen how cooperation and collaboration have evolved over recent years. Open source projects and ThinkCycle are two good examples of cooperation based on a goal of creating value. We need to start moving off of incentives and encouraging people to act based on what their values are. We can all share from the gains of meaningful contributions like inventions and new designs if we allow the inventors and designers to share their findings, take pride in their work, and thrive in a society that collectively reciprocates.

We are seeing more clearly in behavioral economics, psychology, and other social sciences that humans are capable of more responsibility and contributions than we've given ourselves credit for. The assumptions on which we've based our social systems of collective action are outdated and irrelevant. We need to upgrade our understanding of our collaborative potential, and realize the social gains that would follow.

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    Mar 11 2012: when you got kids to feed and bills to pay your really thinking about moving off incentives? the way for any change to be worth anything it must be lasting and consistent. also people and business models don't mix unless you have build in back up incentives that will retain value for the employee to make a R.O.I but I'm just giving you an opinion i not a know it all expert.
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    R H

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    Mar 8 2012: Thank you, Vanessa, for clearly describing a new, emerging evolution of thought. I agree whole-heartedly that we need to transform to collaberative systems from the antiquated systems of victory and dominance - and this is across all disciplines, as you have pointed out. I believe the benefits will be exponential. The way I see it, living entities are perceived to compete for survival, yet within and around each living entity are billions of systems cooperating synergistically for the health and well-being of the entity itself, and in contribution towards the ever-expanding infinity of existence. Complimenting synergies then naturally create the incentives for even greater progress, expansion, and potential for joy and success across each individual in humanity. The research you refer to gives evidence to this dynamic. The rise and fall of victors and victims has had their potency expire for the new progress of mankind. But with this, I think, we will need to change ourselves too to be able to contribute effectively in such systems. We will need to temper our personal ambitions with colleaguiality, our steadfastness with flexiblility, our ideas as not our own but only as one's we've discovered, and our ego's with love and concern for each individual human being on the planet. I tremble just thinking about it. Thanks again.