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Do you think we still need school?

We have many drop-outs that became successful. Well, to say it safer, there are who became successful in life that did not enjoy education in school.

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  • Mar 9 2012: "Do we still need school?" It is a great question with a complicated answer. There is no way to fit even a fraction of the answer within these character limits, but personally I do not believe that everyone needs school to be successful. Aries you had pointed out that there are successful dropouts. That premise brings to mind great minds like Steve Jobs, Zuckerberg, Branson etc. Please note though that those same minds still diverted their attention to the pursuit of something great. As you will hear in Jobs' famous Stanford commencement address, he began dropping in on classes that interested him. I believe that is the most concise answer to your question. No, not all of us need school to be successful. It is not enjoyable for many, but if a drop out can drop in on subjects that pertain to their interests than they will be going in the right direction.

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